About the company

Founded in 1980, ZOOPAN is a small/medium-sized Portuguese company (SME) with core business in the Veterinary market.

ZOOPAN has state of the art facilities and was the first Portuguese company in this field obtaining the GMP certification. Following our work policy, ZOOPAN’s facilities currently have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for the production of medicated premixes and soluble powders, NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP Codex Alimentarius certifications.

The company offers a wide variety of products and services in order to fulfill the needs and provide value in the healthcare area, more specifically, in the veterinary medicine and nutrition fields.

Policy: ZOOPAN’s company policy is based on the Quality Assurance and the Safety of its products.

Mission: Having animal nutrition and health as core of business, our mission is to create and provide value-added products that meet and address our client’s needs, and to present ourselves as a reference in the National and International markets.

ZOOPAN manufactures:
• Veterinary medicines (medicated premixes and soluble powders),
• Products for veterinary use
• Complementary and Dietetic feeds
• Vitamin complexes and mineral correctors, among others,
• Tailored made formulas with "white label", on customer request.

ZOOPAN also represents and commercializes:
Veterinary medicines (injectable medicines, soluble powders), products for veterinary use, and disinfectants from several major European brands.

Official Authorizations:
Authorization for the manufacture of animal feeds (complementary, mineral and dietetic).
Authorization / GMP Certification for the manufacture of veterinary medicines (medicated premixes, water soluble powders).
Authorization for the manufacture of products for veterinary use.
Authorization for the manufacture of feed Premixes.

Market: Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.